Prime 1 Studio Release Masterline Black Suit Superman Statue

Prime 1 Studio release Masterline Black SuitNow, Batman V Superman came out a few years ago, but the statues are still coming in – and I am not complaining! This time Prime 1 Studio has released a ‘High Definition Museum Masterline Black Suit Superman Statue”. The detail on it is insane! Take a look for yourself!

High Definition Museum Masterline Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (Film) Superman Black Suit

The statue is 1:2 scale, which means it is approximately 42 inches tall, so you certainly get a lot for your money! It also comes with a specially designed base, which soft material used for the costume. I really cannot believe the detail on this figure, I guess because of the size it’s easier to focus on the intricate details. But it is still incredibly impressive. Check out some of the other close up images that have been released:

Now, the figure is extremely pricey, but that’s because of the size, detail and the fact that it is limited to just 150 pieces in THE WORLD. It’s priced at $2,299 which is around £2,000 in the UK.

The statue is available for pre-order now from the Prime 1 Studio website, and it expected for dispatch between Feb 2020 – June 2020.

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