NZ Mint Release Action Comics #252 Silver Foil

NZ Mint have released an Action Comics #252 Silver foil! If like me – you love collecting, then this is most definitely something for you! New Zealand Mint have a vast selection of geeky collectibles which span across numerous fandoms. Now here’s one for the DC fans!

To celebrate the first appearance of Supergirl – Action Comics #252, New Zealand Mint have recreated the iconic cover by Curt Swan and Stan Kaye into a real silver foil design. The foil is made form 35g of silver, which is both coloured and engraved to make the art and colours just pop!

I, myself have a DC Direct statue of this very scene, so this incredible replica would be a great addition to my collection display!

action comics 252 new zealand mint

The collectible is packaged with an acrylic cover which is perfect for displaying, and a themed box. It’s safe to say that New Zealand Mint really have put us collectors in mind. Here are some more images of the display and silver foil.

The NZ Mint Action Comics #252 foil is priced at $130.00 (NZ dollars), and is available to buy and ship now – directly from the New Zealand Mint website. You can order yours here!

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