New Zealand Mint Release DC Trading Coins Collection

New Zealand Mint has teamed up with DC Comics to bring us fans a brand new trading coin collection! This new collection delves into the DC Universe, combining rare collectibles with the thrill of trading.

The DC trading coin collection consists of 6 distinctive sets with 51 coin designs. Each of those 6 sets sports its own unique and limited mintage which ranges from rare (250 printage) to tiny (10 printage). Those sets are broken down below:

  • Set 1 – Limited Mintage (250 per design)
  • Set 2 – Uncommon Mintage (150 per design)
  • Set 3 – Scarce Mintage (50 per design)
  • Set 4 – Rare Mintage (30 per design)
  • Set 5 – Ultra-Rare Mintage (20 per design)
  • Set 6 – Mythic Mintage (10 per design)

Sets 1 to 5 are minted in exquisite 1oz pure silver, featuring striking-coloured designs of iconic characters. The Ultra-Rare Mintage coins feature an incredible gilded finish, adding a regal flair to your collection and set 6 comprises of 1/4oz pure gold coins, finely engraved to feature Batman.

Each box comes with two surprise coins, which are sealed with anti-tamper tape, each box also includes a guide which showcases the entire collection. Once you have your coins, the question is, will you keep them in your collection or trade for something else? Whichever path you choose, the essence lies in the joy, excitement, and personal fulfilment these mint Trading Coins bring to your life as a DC fan.

If you do wish to trade or just share your findings, head over to our Facebook group, Ebay or Whatnot to connect with fellow enthusiasts!

The New Zealand Mint x DC Trading Coin Collection is available now for $299 from their website.

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