New Zealand Mint Silver Coin Comic Cover of Action Comics #7

New Zealand Mint has a really cool collection of comic covers that have been applied to silver for uniquely shaped collectible coins. They’ve done this in association with COMIX and have done Action Comics #1, Superman #1 and now, Action Comics #7 joins the silver coin collection.

A Joe Shuster original, this is one of those covers with Superman still in his infancy as a character. But with only seven issues, he’s already taken the world by storm. In this issue written by Jerry Siegel, Superman joins the circus – that’s literally what the story is called. This was also set before the days of The Daily Planet wherein Clark and Lois worked for The Daily Star under editor George Taylor. This would later be applied to the continuity on Earth-2.

Shuster’s classic 1938 cover is priced at $109.00 and has all its little details included on this silver coin of which only 5000 were made. The New Zealand Public Seal of Niue on the backside certifies it as a legal two-dollar tender. The box it comes in is also a nice collector’s piece with the modern DC and Superman branding. A certificate of authenticity with the coin’s designated number in the set is also included with each one.

The New Zealand Mint Action Comics #7 Silver Coin is available to purchase now from their website.

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