Pre-Orders Begin For DC Multiverse Connor Kent Figure From McFarlane Toys

The new Connor Kent as the redesigned Teen Titans-era Superboy from McFarlane Toys in the DC Multiverse figure line is something special. Literally, it’s part of the McFarlane Collector Edition series – the first figure in that series was Action Comics #1 Superman. While we see Connor back to his original 90s roots as Superboy in regular DC canon, this figure marks an unforgettable era of his evolution.

After the Young Justice series in the 90s concluded, Connor Kent would continue as Superboy with the Teen Titans in Geoff John’s major redefining run in the mid-2000s. During this time, Connor would do away with the spandex and go with a simple black shirt and pants. This design would also be used in the Young Justice TV series. Of course, no one can forget Connor’s epic battle with Superboy-Prime in Infinite Crisis. It made you think that the next new suit Connor was going to put on was Superman’s.

Like the rest of the DC Multiverse 7” figures in the McFarlane Collector Edition series, Connor Kent comes with two different heads, hands, a figure base, and a collectible art card. The card has yet to be revealed, but it very well could be a Teen Titans cover since it is listed as Teen Titans Connor. Pre-orders for the Conner Kent Superboy McFarlane Toys action figure start at all major online retailers later today (14th June).

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