McFarlane Toys Start Pre-Orders For Target Exclusive Metallo Action Figure

Metallo joins the DC Multiverse action figure line from McFarlane Toys, many may not have seen him like this before based on his appearance in the Bronze Age. The Gold Label series figure is now available to pre-order from Target as an exclusive for Target’s Summer Geek-Out product event. 

Usually seen as a cyborg or android altogether, John Corben has been one of Superman’s more difficult opponents with his power source being Kryptonite. There have been others to wear the Metallo mantle, but John is the most famous. The Bronze Age saw him take on a more classical supervillain-esque approach with a mask and suit. This appearance would later be adapted by Gary Frank in Geoff John’s 2010 series ‘Superman: Secret Origin’.

The 7” DC Multiverse figure with 22 articulation points is a nice mixture of both the Bronze Age and the ‘Superman: Secret Origin’ appearance. A Metallo action figure is never complete without Kryptonite and this one comes with a cool crystalline one as opposed to a big green lump. The collectible character card that comes boxed with every McFarlane figure uses Frank’s art from the comic books. 

The DC Multiverse Gold Label Metallo action figure is available for pre-order with a July 21 release date exclusively from Target for $22.99.

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