REVIEW: Tales From The Dark Multiverse – The Death Of Superman

I saw the cover art for Tales From The Dark Multiverse – The Death Of Superman a month or so back, and it left me needing to know what the heck was going on! Well, now I can finally read it for myself. I’ll be honest, I’m a sucker for a twist or an else-worlds story, so this issue was right up my street.

First up this cover. WOW. This is simply iconic. We see a fallen Man of Steel, with a furious Lois Lane kneeling over him. On the original cover we see Lois clutching his body with tears streaming down her face, this certainly is a powerful twist on that. Not only that but she has powers! You can see the red glowing furiously from her eyes as she dons that iconic “Death Of Superman” logo. Lee Weeks and Brad Anderson have created this incredible image, which simply just leaves viewers HAVING to know what is going on within this comic. I cannot fault it.

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This issue is an incredible take and twist on a story we all know and love – The Death of Superman. There are many similarities, but also several differences. The story follows Lois Lane as she mourns the death of a fallen hero, her fallen hero. In an attempt to end what he started, she is given Kryptonian powers to overcome crime and justice, just as he did. Instead she turns to vengeance and even starts to question Superman’s methods as she completely eradicates evil and crime from the world, crossing that line that Superman and the rest of the Justice League hold so dear.

I love that it throws around an idea which I guess is unfortunately more realistic to many, and that is the fact that we like to think of ourselves as heroes, but it is so very easy to succumb to vengeance. We all like to think that we would be like Superman in a situation like that but not all of us are. Not only this, but it reminds us how precious and kind Superman really is. Despite all of his power he doesn’t rule, he just helps. This issue just really shows us what it would be like if he weren’t that way, and is a reminder to Metropolis as to how appreciated he was.

Jeff Loveness has created a brutally harrowing, yet emotional comic book – I cannot fault it. I loved every second of it. The reason it’s harrowing is that there are several BRUTAL deaths within the comic, which you just don’t expect. Perhaps you don’t expect it because it’s not in the original, and perhaps that helps with the shock factor. But wow. I was gobsmacked at each and every death we see within the comic.

As well as the issue being brutal, it’s also incredibly emotional. I teared up several times. First, seeing Lois mourning the death of her lover. Second seeing what has happened to Ma Kent. Three, Lois’s realisation that her husband was afraid and not proud of her just before his death. This whole section was very cleverly done, and I was trying to guess how and if his return would be featured within this issue.

Jeff’s vision has been brought to life with incredible interior artwork by Brad Walker. It is magnificent. It just brings back so much nostalgia, it brings back memories of the first time I read this issue. The artwork matches the original completely, and I love that. Loveness and Walker have really put their own twist on the original, but whilst playing homage to comic greatness.

What I love about the artwork is that it is a TOTAL throwback to the 90’s style. The attention to detail is incredible. The characters have the same look and style as the original, including the costumes – especially Lex Luthor, Superboy, Steel and Cyborg Superman. It seems that Walker has taken the inspiration from the original, but also added his own twist on it, which I love. The artwork is just fantastic throughout.

I have to say, Tales From The Dark Multiverse – The Death Of Superman features some of the best action pages that I have ever seen. Like I said, Walkers’ art really brings Jeff’s vision to life, there are several pages and deaths that genuinely made my jaw hit the floor, and that in itself is a skill. The artwork is also given that extra lease of life from the colour. Colourist John Kalisz has really added extra layers to this artwork, it’s vibrant and perfectly adds to the feel of the story. The detail is absolutely phenomenal, I cannot express it any more than that.

Genuinely, I would absolutely love to see more of these stories going forwards. They just add a huge twist to a story we already know and love, but the ideas have just been so unique so far. I’d even perhaps like to see a series of these and not just one offs. There’s something about the question “what if?” that just really gets me intrigued. Like I said before, Loveness and Brad Walker have absolutely KILLED it.

Haven’t got your copy of Tales From The Dark Multiverse – The Death Of Superman yet? You can pick up the cover by Lee Weeks and Brad Anderson here (UK), or here (US).

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