Sideshow Collectibles Release Superman Bust

Sideshow Collectibles have released a brand new Superman bust! We all know what Sideshow Collectibles do best, and once again they have brought us another incredible piece, a Superman piece of course. At the moment I don’t actually own any of their statues and busts, that will change though. At the moment I only have several Hot Toys from their sister company.

Well, this time we have a Superman Bust. Although the images that have been released so far are of the prototype, it’s going to be a great piece! Sideshow always put incredible detail into their pieces and this limited edition bust is no exception.

The bust is made from polyresin and stands at 10.5″ tall. Yes, it’s not the largest piece they have done, but it still an incredible one! One thing I do love about it is the base, the bust rests on a Fortress of Solitude base. I think that’s great attention to detail and a great feature for Superman fans like me. All those involved in creating this piece have done a great job with this, from the designers, to the sculptors and also the painters.

As I said before this Sideshow Collectibles Superman Bust is limited edition and a maximum of two can be bought per person. Although the exact amount as to how many pieces they are making is still to be confirmed. For those that know Sideshows usual prices, this is actually pretty cheap especially when you take into account the quality of it. It’s priced at $250, which is just under £200 in the UK, although that doesn’t include shipping!

You can pre-order this Sideshow Collectibles Superman Bust now from the Sideshow Collectibles website. The piece is expected to ship between October and December 2020.

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