Westminster Collection Release Superman Ingot Collection

Westminster Collection release Superman Ingot collection and I’m a sucker for a collectors edition piece, I know. But how can you resist when companies like Westminster Collection are bringing out such iconic and beautiful pieces, just like this one.

First of all they have released this stunning ingot replica, which features the iconic cover of Action Comics #1. Not only does it feature that iconic cover which first introduced our favourite hero, but it allows you the opportunity to own a gold-plated version of it. Just take a look at it.

Photo Credit: Westminster Collection

Here is their write up on this beautiful little piece.

The new commemorative has been expertly plated in 24 Carat Gold and struck to a pristine Proof-like finish. Significantly, it is also an OFFICIAL DC Comics licensed product, adding yet further to its authenticity and collectability.   

As confirmation, you’ll see the official DC logo on one side, and then, taken from the original artwork, the legendary Action Comics No.1 in full and vivid colour on the other.

You can own this little piece for just £19.99 + P+P which is not a bad price considering it is gold plated. However, when I say little piece, I do mean little piece, it measures up to just 38x50mm.

Luckily for us collectors, this is not the only Superman Ingot that you can get. There is also the option to sign up to The Superman Collectible Ingot Collection, which brings you more iconic Superman covers in this perfect gold-plated format. As a Superman fan and collector, it was a no-brainer!

I do have to say that there isn’t too much information on what you get within the collection, nor the exact pricing, but they do explain that if you receive something you do not want, just send it back and they will refund. Based on the price of the first one, I would say that they are £19.99 + P+P per ingot.

My friend and fellow collector, The Geek Of Steel received his and some more information on what the collection contains. I have to say, I am HYPED after seeing this and I cannot wait to receive mine.


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Something special arrived from the @WestminsterCollection website today… I ordered it on Friday and it got here “SUPER” fast! @DCComics @DCUKComics @Superman

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The only downside to the Westminster Collection Superman Ingot? You can only order them if you are from a UK household, and each household is limited to 3 of each of the designs. I’ve just ordered mine, and I cannot wait to receive it! Want my advice? Butter up one of your UK pals, and maybe they can help you out!

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