“Death Metal” Animated Shorts Cast Hasselhoff As Superman

The Death Metal Animated Shorts casts David Hasselhoff as Superman! Yes, you read that right. I have to say it is possibly one of the most unexpected castings to date!

Following the success of the comic series “Dark Nights: Death Metal”, DC Comics have announced a series of Death Metal Animated Shorts which further explores this crazy and brutal story-line. If you follow the series, you will have noticed an advertisement for the animation at the back of the book which reveals the full casting and more details as to when you can expect it. Image below in case you missed it!

Death Metal David Hasselhoff Superman
Photo Credit: DC Entertainment

Well, as you can see not only are we getting a Death Metal Animated Short for the series with a very interesting voice cast, but we are also getting an original score which is by composer and producer Tyler Bates.

As I said, this is a casting I did not expect… EVER. With that said, I am very eager to see what Hasselhoff does with Superman. Just like this version of Superman, I think he will bring some really different aspects to the character that we might have not seen, well heard before.

Episodes are set to air on DCDEATHMETAL.WORLD and also on DC Comics’ YouTube Channel in early 2021. I have to say it is NOT something that I expected, but I truly hope this is successful and is continued to other smash hit series’. I am always up for having animated versions of Superman and other DC characters, and I think this is a great and new beginning.

1 thought on ““Death Metal” Animated Shorts Cast Hasselhoff As Superman

  1. What a treat! As a fellow aspiring Kryptonian, I am pleased to have yet another voice-over actor portray the Man-of-Steel and for it to be the “Hoff” is certainly going make this a momentous occasion.
    Grateful to have this comic run animated and I too was not expecting it!
    Great Rao, what a time to be a DC fan! It sure is swell 🙂

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