Iron Studios Release Superman MiniPin at CCXP

Iron Studios have released a Superman MiniPin at this years CCXP. I am a sucker for a con exclusive and this year they are all virtual, which for me has meant that the exclusives are sometimes missed. Which is a huge shame, so I like to try and highlight as many of them as I can, both for me and for you!

This brand new Iron Studios Superman MiniPin is an expansion on an already well known and loved product line. But this addition of the Superman and “Super Friends” pins is truly a great addition! Here is a look at the Superman one:

Personally I think this is a great little pin! It is only 6cm tall, but what do you expect from a pin! I’m a sucker for pins anyway, but this one would look great alongside the MiniCo line that Iron Studios released a few years back, which is what they are designed from.

As well as Superman, you can also get Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Batman, Robin, The Flash, and the Super-Twins – Zan and Jayna.

 This Iron Studios Superman MiniPin is priced at $34.99, which I admit is rather pricey for a pin in my opinion. Either way it would make a great addition to anyone’s collection. The pin is available now and is exclusive to the Iron Studios Brazil website.

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