Sideshow & Iron Studios Showcase Superman Mini Co. Collectible

Iron Studios showcase their Superman Mini Co. Collectible! They have done it again… but this time it’s something a little more affordable and it’s adorable!

This “Mini Co” collectible is part of a Justice League series, so not only can you own a mini Superman, but the rest of The League too. It’s the perfect mini statue for any Superman fan, but also a brilliant statue for any DC or Justice League fan too.

Superman Mini Co Statue by Sideshow Collectibles and Iron Studios

The statue is hand painted, just like the rest of Sideshow and Iron Studios products are. That is their signature detail, which makes it always worth the money. According to Iron Studios it is “the perfect size for any desk or shelf”, now that I certainly can believe!

Personally, I love this. I love the fact that they have brought out something that is low in price range, as compared to their other items, this really is a fraction of the price. And still so damn detailed – just look at the detail on the suit. Yes, I admit the pose is a little odd, as is the shape of the body, but it’s quirky and I like that.

The figure really is mini, standing at 5.4 inches, as mentioned before it is hand painted and does include a display for the base, which is great for collectors. The weight of the statue is still to be determined. The concept of the statue is by Marcio Hum, and hats off to him – it’s surreal, but it really works. As a Superman collector myself, I love seeing quirky things, not just the standard statue or action figure, so this is a must have for me.

The statue is priced at $20.00 / £15.99, which I feel is an absolute BARGAIN! Like I said, its a fraction of the price of their usual statues, and they really haven’t skimped on detail. It is currently available for pre-order on their website and is expected to begin shipping between March and May 2019.

Pre-order yours here!

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