Prime 1 Studio Release Cyborg Superman Statue

Prime 1 Studio have released a Cyborg Superman statue and it is another stunning statue by Prime 1 Studio! Yes, the villainous version of our Man of Steel – literally.

Not so long ago Iron Studios released the black suit Superman just in time for the release of The Reign of The Supermen. And now, we have this fantastic statue… does that mean we are going to get them all? That just leaves The Eradicator, Steel and Superboy – but he doesn’t like to be called that!

The design is incredible, I absolutely love it. It perfectly captures the rabidness of the character as we know him, and it looks EPIC! Not only that but you also get a few additional attachments for added detail, these things include: a fabric cape, and two interchangeable metal arms with and without power rings.

prime 1 studio cyborg superman

In size, the statue is 1/3 scale, which is approximately 37 inches tall and the cape it comes with is around 25 inches. It features a base, which is also incredibly detailed, see below for more images of the base.

Prime 1 studios cyborg superman

And if you order through Sideshow Collectibles directly, you also get a little exclusive set alongside it – an Alternate Portrait of Cyborg Superman and a Cybernetic Arm for the statue. This is a great feature as it provides even more ways to display this incredible piece. You can either display it as Zor-El OR Hank Henshaw.

Prime 1 studio superman cyborg

I’m sure you are aware of the Sideshow Collectible pricing, so hopefully this wont shock you too much… The statue is priced at $1299.00, which is around £956.00 in the UK. As always, for the detail and quality of the statue you get, it most definitely is worth the money! For those that do not have 1K wad spare, you can also do a price plan, whereby you pay just over $100.00 a month, until it is fully paid off.

The Prime 1 Studio Cyborg Superman statue is available for pre-order on the Sideshow website, and is expected to start shipping between July and September 2020.

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