Iron Studios Release Superman Black Suit Statue

Iron Studios have released a Superman black suit statue and it is glorious! Sideshow & Iron Studios are renowned for their incredible statues, which host so much detail, not to mention the size of them! They really are a true collectors item.

Now, they have a new statue, which really is incredible – The Superman Black Suit Prime Scale Statue. Yes, the suit we are all dying to see Supes wear on the big screen. Good timing too as The Reign Of The Supermen has just been released!

Superman Black Suit Statue by Iron Studios/Sideshow Collectables

The statue is based upon artwork by Ivan Reis, who is the current artist on the current Bendis run of Superman. Although he is fairly new to Superman, he is fast becoming a part of the Superman legacy. Just take a look at the detail! The classic 90’s mullet and black suit – it represents a great era for Superman in comic book history.

superman black suit mullet

The statue is hand-painted, as per all of the work by Iron Studios & Sideshow Collectibles, and is made with Polystone. Not only that but it features not one, but TWO head options, one with a stern look and the other with gritted teeth. The statue is 1:3 in scale, which is a fair old size! It comes with a white LED light up base too, along with the power requirements for it AND artwork by Ivan Reis himself.

Superman Sideshow Iron Studios Statue Black Suit

You can even see the detail in the suit and the facial expressions, it’s incredible and this is certainly a piece that I would LOVE to add to my own collection. The statue stands at 37.4 inches high and 23.2 inches wide and weighs 17.42 kg, which is a HEFTY statue! For a better idea on the size of the piece, check the image below;

Superman Black Suit Iron Studios Statue

Please note that the above images are a prototype, so there may be some slight differences in appearance, but I’m sure that won’t make a difference! The statue is available to pre-order from their website, and is expected to ship between October and December of 2019. I warn you now, the Iron Studios Superman Statue is an expensive statue £800-850, but you know the quality and detail you can expect from Iron Studios & Sideshow.

Now… if only we can get this suit in a FILM!

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