REVIEW: Superman #28

Superman #28 is finally here and the current creative team of Brian Micheal Bendis and Ivan Reis end their stellar run on Superman with this very issue, as the Man of Steel continues to fight the seemingly unstoppable Synmar.

Straight off the bat, I was very happy to see the direction the creative team had taken regarding the main cover. Instead of focusing on the confrontation between Synmar and Superman, artist Ivan Reis has opted for a much more tranquil piece as Superman and Lois embrace among the clouds. This is a gorgeous piece of art that does a wonderful job of closing out the creative teams run on this series.

I love how Lois and Clark’s legs are intertwined in this piece. To me, this act strips away the pairs armour and lays bare their true selves. This is a very intimate moment between a husband and wife captured majestically by Reis. This is the perfect cover for a series that has pushed not only Superman, but Lois to the forefront. I can’t help but think that this cover maybe a re-interpretation of Jim Lee’s famous Justice League #12 cover from the new 52 era. There is certainly conversation to be had.

Superman #28 Review - The Aspiring Kryptonian
Photo Credit: DC Entertainment

The variant cover is a gorgeous pin up piece by Kael Ngu. Kael has captured a very youthful and energized Superman who looks ready to seize the day. I love this interpretation of Superman. The colours used are absolutely gorgeous.

Superman #28 Review - The Aspiring Kryptonian
Photo Credit: DC Entertainment

Superman #28 continues with Superman reluctantly battling the seemingly omnipotent Synmar. While this impressive confrontation engulfs much of the issue, proceedings are balanced out evenly as Lana Lang recounts her most recent encounter with Clark and more importantly Lois, who bequeaths Lana with a chapter of her new book entitled ‘What Superman needs’. 

As I eluded to earlier, most of the issue is devoted to the confrontation between Superman and Synmar. This really is no exaggeration as nearly every page is filled with blockbuster action and combat courtesy of Ivan Reis. Every page is filled with dynamic panel layouts and splash pages that bring the reader every closer to the action. Synmar is cold and calculating, unwavering in his beliefs while Superman reluctantly wages war all while seeking out a peacful resolution.

Superman #28 is a fine conclusion to a creative run that has seen Superman pushed to his limits. This issue in my eyes encapsulates every trial and tribulation Superman has gone through under Brian Micheal Bendis’ stewardship.

Superman’s reluctancy to fight a being who he believes is simply misguided features prominently as he looks to appeal to the humanity of those around him none more so than Synmar himself. A depleted Superman is the focus of this issue as The Man of Steel looks inward and to qualities cultivated long ago by Martha and Jonathan Kent to rally beings unknown to him to his cause. This kind of symbolism is quintessential within Superman mythology.

Even though Superman #28 leans heavily towards action, Lana Lang’s dialogue in the form of a podcast balances out the issue perfectly. Lana’s connection to Clark is undeniable as is her respect for Lois and her body of work. I found Lana’s words as well as that of Lois’ to be so comforting during this issue as Superman finds himself all alone, out of his comfort zone and in uncharted territory.

Superman #28 is a fitting conclusion to an epic run by two of the industry’s finest. Brian Micheal Bendis asks the question ‘What does Superman need?’ Well I’m happy to report that we receive a very fulfilling answer that will bring a tear to the eye and make you fall in love with the last son of Krypton all over again.

Haven’t picked up Superman #28 yet? You can get the standard cover by Ivan Reis here (UK), or here (US). Or if you prefer the variant cover by Kael Ngu, you can get that here.

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