REVIEW: Superman & Lois S1 Ep 6: Broken Trust

After a long hiatus, Superman & Lois Ep 6 soars back onto our screens, and I am so glad it’s back!

In Superman & Lois Ep 6 we are treated to some amazing shots of Superman in action this week, especially when he’s flying. Still, the core of the show continues to be Superman’s family, whose unfolding drama engrosses just as much as the super heroics.

Picking up directly on the dangling cliffhanger of last episode, Jordan is being attacked by his now superpowers classmate, Tag. Superman arrives to save the day, and we get to see an epic chase between Tag and the Man of Steel. During the attack, a new power is seemingly activated for Jordan, but it’s causing him headaches which starts to spiral him out of control. Jordan refuses to seek help from his dad, and as a result, puts both friend and foe in danger.

Superman is preoccupied with getting to Tag before the DOD, so he can help him instead of just jail him. This leads to some drama with the Lang family, and a truly EPIC standoff between Superman and General Lane’s forces. Meanwhile, Lois teams up with Captain Luthor (who she thinks is merely a mild mannered reporter) to discover what Morgan Edge is really doing in the Smallville mines.

Superman & Lois Ep 6
Photo Credit: The CW

This episode was great, with lots of forward momentum for the plot, some dramatic and powerful moments for the main cast, and some STUNNING special effects for Superman!

The acting, visual effects, and aesthetic continue to impress. This show is definitely setting a new standard of quality for CW’s superhero fare. With Arrow’s John Diggle confirmed to appear later this season, I’m very interested to see an already established CW hero depicted in the new paradigm.

Haven’t caught Superman & Lois Ep 6 yet? You can watch it now for free on The CW App.

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