DC Announce Superman vs Lobo Black Label Comic Miniseries

DC Comics have announced ‘Superman vs Lobo’, a brand new Black Label miniseries featuring Superman and Lobo. The series will be written by Tim Seeley and Sarah Beattie, with artwork by Mirka Andolfo and colours by Arif Prianto.

Here’s a look at the cover for #1 and glimpse at the preview pages for Superman vs Lobo by Mirka Andolfo. I absolutely love the cover and the artwork in general, I think it’s really going to match the tone of the series and that colour palette just looks striking!

I have to say I’m impressed by the artwork and I really love when these two characters are thrust together. They are polar opposite and that makes for some great banter and entertainment. Sadly this is only a three part miniseries, but each book will be 48 pages and will of course be aimed towards an audience aged 17+.

Here’s the official synopsis from DC Comics:

Numen is the most popular being in the universe, a god clogging all social channels—and he does not take kindly to attention going to Superman and Lobo. Further complicating things is Dr. Flik, a scientist determined to study the last sons of Krypton and Czarnia respectively. What can she glean from the hero whose home planet was destroyed when he was just a baby and the bad, bad boy who made it all go away just for the heck of it?

What will be worse, the damage Lobo causes on his own, or the chaos of trying to stop him? I smell a team-up, fanboys! Or, will it be a train wreck? Lobo is involved, after all!

Cited from DC Comics

Superman vs Lobo #1 will have a physical release on 24th August in DC’s Prestige Plus format, with the main covers by Mirka Andolfo, a variant by Simon Bisley and Tony Harris and a 1:25 variant by Phillip Tan.

I’m really looking forward to this series and I’ve pre-ordered my copies at my local comic shop.

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