Gail Simone Confirmed To Write A Brand New Three-Part Superman Story Alongside Eddy Barrows

Amidst all of the speculation after Wondercon, it seems our suspicions were correct! Gail Simone is set to return to writing Superman and this time will by artist Eddy Barrows for a three-part Action Comics story arc set at the start of Superman’s superhero career.

The story is officially titled ‘Superman And The Challenge From The Stars’ and will follow the current arcs from Jason Aaron and John Timms (“I, Bizarro”) and Joshua Williamson and Rafa Sandoval (“House of Brainiac”), the story sees Superman fight for not one, but two worlds! Something you’d think he was used to, but this is set when he first starts out with his superhero career, which is sure to add its own unique twist and take. This three-part story is part of the ‘Superman Superstars’ initiative which sees a range of all-star creative pairs take on the character all the way up until September. It’s a great way to get some unique and very different takes on the character in a shorter amount of time.

DC have also released the official in depth synopsis for the arc:

The first of Simone and Barrows’s three issues kicks off when a massively powerful alien race makes Earth their arena. Superman, DC’s Man of Steel, must stand alone against impossible challenges that threaten locations all around the world and the lives of those he loves. Action Comics #1067 begins a not-to-be missed epic tale of Superman’s strength, wit, and resourcefulness in an early stage of his public career!

Here’s a look at the covers for Action Comics #1067 by Eddy Barrows, Danny Miki & Tomeu Morey, also featuring variants by Wes Craig, Pablo Villalobos, and Ben Oliver (1:25). There will also be a foil variant for Eddy Barrows’ cover.

Simone said, “We didn’t want to tell a quiet story of Superman in a diner; we wanted to have a massive threat, a war taking place all over the world, and only Superman could possibly protect his adopted planet. It is unapologetically huge in scope and fun as hell!”

Action Comics #1067, #1068 and #1069 which are set to be released in July, August and September, will feature art by Eddy Barrows, inks by Danny Miki, colours by Rex Lokus and letters by Dave Sharpe. #1067 is on sale Wednesday 10th July 2024 and I have to say I am so excited to see what this creative team cook up! It’s so great to see Simone back to writing Superman.

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