Gail Simone Announced To Pen New Superman Story At WonderCon

WonderCon 2024 took place during the last weekend of March in Anaheim, California as it usually does this time of year as the go-to spring comic-con. Comics all-star Gail Simone revealed that she is not only working on a non-comic Wonder Woman project but a new Superman comic book and people are HYPED!

Gail Simone’s greatest DC hits are arguably her Wonder Woman, Birds of Prey, and Batgirl stories. She notably wrote a Superman title Superman: Strange Attractors with illustrator John Byrne in the pages of pages of Action Comics (#827-828 and #830-#835). This story saw Superman taking on a whole rogues gallery of Dr. Polaris, Dr. Psycho, Satanus, Livewire, and even Black Adam.

With the new setting and cast of Action Comics since then, it will be awesome to see Simone tackle new contemporary characters like Jon and Kenan, assuming it won’t be its own standalone story or new limited series entirely. With that said there are still creative teams yet to be announced for the ‘Superman Super-Stars‘ initiative in Action Comics, so it may be likely that she will be announced as one of them. This is the image that has been doing the rounds of social media in relation to the announcement, which is by Eddy Barrows.

Gail Simone Superman

Meanwhile, fans are trying to guess what Wonder Woman project she could be involved in. Some say that it’s the Wonder Woman video game in the works while others say it’s a film project for the new DCU.

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