Cryptozoic Superfriends Card Game available for Pre-Order

Cryptozoic are well known for creating “fan first” products for a variety of fandoms, varying from collectibles to table top card games. Now, their latest release celebrates that classic Superhero era with The “Challenge Of The Superfriends” card game. I’m a sucker for a board game, I’ll be honest. And this game features ICONIC artwork… Read More Cryptozoic Superfriends Card Game available for Pre-Order

Film Review

REVIEW: Aquaman

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to go to the World Premiere of Aquaman, where I also got to see the film TWO WEEKS EARLY! While I was there I had to sign an embargo, to say that I wouldn’t talk about the film or give too much detail about it. Trust me… Read More REVIEW: Aquaman

Comic Review

REVIEW: Aquaman #41

The second installment on the ‘Road to Drowned Earth’ is here in the shape of Aquaman #41. In regards to the covers, Riccardo Federici provides art for the regular cover which looks stunning,¬† however the events depicted don’t entirely marry up to the story told inside. The variant issue provided by Joshua Middleton is incredible… Read More REVIEW: Aquaman #41