Eaglemoss Collections Release 35cm Superman Figurine

Eaglemoss Collections are known for their geeky subscription services, and I am a regular customer of theirs myself! I have several of their full collections, which are still unopened.

Now, they have released a limited edition Superman figurine which stands at 35cm tall. From experience, their figurines are extremely details and are of great quality and great designs, so I have very high hopes for this one. Eaglemoss has described the figure as “sculpted to capture both Superman’s chunky silhouette and the fine details of his classic blue, red and yellow costume and flowing cape”. And that is exactly what they have done here.

Eaglemoss Collections Limited Edition 35cm Figurine

Limited Edition Superman Figurine 35 cm (DC Comics) 4

To me, the figurine is very Cavill-like in the face, with the added curl. As for the body, it is very comic book like – especially the John Bryne era of Superman comics. To me, this figure represents so many of the different styles of Superman, and it’s perfect. Although I have only mentioned two, I can see several nods to those who have brought Superman to life – the classic suit, the Christopher Reeve curl and pose, and Henry’s facial likeness. I love it.

The figurine is hand-painted and is limited to 1000 pieces and is a must have for DC and Superman fans. It comes presented in a full colour box and also comes with a certificate of authentic – another great touch for fans. The box itself is yet to be revealed, as is the weight of the product, but due to the size I would imagine it’s pretty hefty!

The item is available for ordering now from the Eaglemoss website and is priced at £99.99. The price is fairly expensive compared to the other Eaglemoss items we have seen before, but I believe it is worth it. For the quality and the size of the statue, it’s a no-brainer!

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