REVIEW: Superman #15

Superman #15 is finally here and for quite some time now we have known that the Legion of Super-Heroes would be making their triumphant return, with a brand new ongoing series set for release in early November. Now I have been highly anticipating the arrival of this series ever since the news broke earlier this year, and I have to say, the build up to Legion of Super-Heroes #1 has been even better than expected.

Not only will we receive ‘Legion of Super-Heroes : Millennium’ a two issue limited series brought to us by some of the biggest names at DC Comics. But we will also get to see The Legionnaires themselves travel back in time and feature within the pages of Superman. All this paving the way for the arrival of Legion Of Super-Heroes #1.

And it’s The Legion who takes centre stage on this cover of Superman #15 as they flock towards Jonathan Kent. I adore this cover so much. It’s bright, colourful, and full of happiness, hope and optimism – all quintessential Superman traits. The extra text added to the title along with Lightening Lad’s speech balloon is very playful and lighthearted. The Legionnaires updated costumes look very contemporary yet faithful to the original designs, and they are perfect. Ivan Reis has once again created a cover that pops right off of the shelf.

superman 15 cover

The variant cover for this issue is by Adam Hughes and is a pure stroke of genius. A confident Lois Lane looks on as Superman breaks through the wall of her kidnappers hideout. Seeing the action from this angle is genius and so well executed. Lois looks gorgeous on this cover. The detail of the rubble as Superman’s hand effortlessly breaks through is sensational. This cover is so unique and I honestly can’t recall a cover even remotely similar to this. I just love it. 

superman 15 variant cover

The Legion of Super-Heroes made their first appearance in Adventure Comics #247 in 1958, and have had a very long and storied history. Their 60+ years have been full of incredible adventures and epic story-lines while boasting a roster full of unforgettable characters. However with a tenure as long as that of The Legion, backstory and history can become complex. With that said, Bendis very much seems to have softly rebooted The Legion’s history by making this their first encounter with Superman. 

Admittedly, this issue is a very dialogue heavy one that is full of hope and optimism. This is very much reflected in the art especially the beautiful bright colours that pop off the page courtesy of Alex Sinclair. This issue is however tinged with a little sorrow, and that is captured masterfully with great emotion that honestly got me choked up.

This issue is made up of some incredible exchanges between Superman, Adam Strange, The House of El, Zod, The Legion and the newly created ‘United Planets’. The conversation had between Superman and Adam Strange pertained to the more darker elements of the issue. This conversation is extremely honest and heartfelt as Strange is charged with passing on news concerning the fate of Jor-El. Superman’s facial expressions really tell the story of this exchange. Superman experiences a plethora of emotions which is captured perfectly by Ivan Reis’ pencils. The look of loss and sorrow are etched onto the face of the Man Of Steel and it’s palpable to the audience.

The optimism and hope really kicks in as the newly created ‘United Planets’ along with The Legion witness Superboy proclaim that this day be known forever more as Unity Day. These pages are crammed full of characters created with the upmost detail. It’s a sight to behold, as each page features over a dozen characters at once, including a magnificent splash page which in my opinion is perfection itself. The dialogue used is full of hope and really gives The Legionnaires personality and each member a unique voice. This can most certainly be said for Brainiac 5 and Saturn Girl.

As the issue comes to a close, Bendis delivers a stunning encounter between General Zod and Superman that alters the pairs status quo. This conversation is extremely honest and really highlights how multifaceted a character Zod is. I can honestly say that I have never seen Zod behave this way, Bendis really has added depth and layers to the Zod character.

Bendis has created a very joyous issue that chronicles an important milestone in DC Comics history that will be felt for the next thousand years. This is essentially an update of The Legion of Super-Heroes and their origin that has been handled so efficiently. The Legionnaires have really wonderful dialogue that is full of innocence. These characters are more than team mates. They are a family and that really translates when  they are communicating with each other. 

The colours in Superman #15 created by Alex Sinclair are stunning. The warm orange hues during Zod and Superman’s exchange adds nothing but calm and tranquil vibes that very much marries up to the actual conversation had by these two men. 

For those that aren’t necessarily aware of The Legion, this is a perfect introduction which could lead to new readers for the upcoming series. This is a really well done issue, and I just love where this series is going.

Haven’t picked up Superman #15 yet? You can grab your copy of the standard cover by Ivan Reis here, or the variant cover by Adam Hughes here.

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