WB Release Limited Edition Of ‘The Death & Return Of Superman’

WB have released a limited edition ‘The Death & Return Of Superman‘ If you are a fan of the DC Animated Films or even just “TDOS” or “TROS”, and like me you like to collect every possible version, this is something for you!

Warner Bros has released a ‘Complete Film Collection’ which features both films which play back to back as one film, plus a limited edition figure. For the previous limited edition DVD release we had a tired out Superman with a torn suit as the figure. This time we have the one and only STEEL!

The artwork on the cover looks great, really detailed and showcases a mourning Justice League in front of the Superman statue at Centennial Square. It’s beautiful. The figure itself looks fairly detailed too, although not may close-up images have been released just yet!

Image result for the death and return of superman dvd

The set is priced at £17.99, which considering you get two films in one, PLUS an action figure is an absolute bargain! It is available to order now from the WB Shop UK website.

I will certainly be adding this set to my own collection.

Haven’t picked up your copy yet? You can get it here from Amazon (US) or here from Amazon (UK).

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