Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson to voice Krypto The Superdog in DC League Of Super-Pets

DC League Of Super-Pets is an animated film which was first teased during 2020’s DC Fandome. A lot of people missed the announcement as it wasn’t part of the core programme.

Since then we have had dribbling of information for the upcoming film, but now more details have been released in an article by Variety. Here’s what we know so far;

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson has been cast to voice Krypto The Superdog

DC League Of Super-Pets
Photo Credit: Bleeding Cool

Yes, that’s right! The Rock will voice Krypto The Superdog in DC League Of Super-Pets, I have to say this announcement completely took me by surprise because Dwayne Johnson will also be playing Black Adam, but I am not mad at it! In fact I welcome it, Dwayne Johnson is a great actor and voice actor and will be sure to really build the hype for this film.

He will also be producing the film with his company Seven Bucks, not only that but WB hope to get an a-list cast to star alongside him. I have to say I’m very keen to see the rest of the cast once announced, perhaps we will get a cameo from Superman himself!

According to the article by Variety, DC League Of Super-Pets centres around Superman’s dog, Krypto The Superdog who teams up with a flying cat to stop crime while the Man Of Steel is on vacation. First of all I am assuming that the ‘flying cat’ is Streaky, the cat belonging to Supergirl, and if it is then the term flying cat is a little disrespectful. Streaky is a great character in the comics!

This film is obviously aimed towards a younger audience, but you know that I will be first in line at the cinema to see it and what an excellent way to introduce new and younger audiences to these much loved characters.

DC Legion Of Super-Pets is set for a release date of 20th May 2022 and will be written and directed by Jared Stern, with Sam Levine to co-direct. I am assuming that this film with have a huge presence at this years DC Fandom which is set to take place in October and I cannot wait to see more of what’s to come!

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