REVIEW: My Adventures With Superman S2

‘My Adventures With Superman’ is BACK baby! Series 2 continues the fresh new take on Superman and as someone who adored the first series, I am so glad it is back! Having watched the first two episodes early, I instantly remembered how much I adore this series. Even just hearing the intro theme sequence brought a huge smile to my face.

The series opens up right after the events of the first series as Clark, Jimmy and Lois deal with the damage of what happened. Here, we jump straight into Valentines Day and it seems things have jumped up quite significantly as Clark and Lois’ relationship has evolved quite a bit and it seems Jimmy has gotten himself a little promotion. Straight off the bat there is a lot to digest in what’s changed, but the way the information is shown is easy to follow.

It seems fighting the bad guys isn’t Clark’s only problem as he tries to plan the perfect Valentines Day for Lois. Just at the worst time Clark starts to have visions about of a Kryptonian ship and visions about his father. With a little investigation they find that they are linked to a meteor and also his Kryptonian ship. He later starts to build a relationship with his father, Jor-El, much more so than the first series and based on those first two episodes we are in for a lot of Kryptonian history and exploration of it and I can’t wait to see this teams take on it. During these moments Clark learns that there is another like him, his cousins Kara and after the destructive events of the first episode it’s up to him to find her.

'My Adventures With Superman'

Despite Clark having visions of his ship, it seems he isn’t the only one that is led there, it seems Amanda Waller and her Task Force X were also looking for it and coincidentally finds it at the very same time. The first two episodes introduce some rather significant characters who I’m sure will be key in the coming story. This series has a great way of keeping you guessing as to who characters will be, who it will lead to and it really peppers them into the show before we really see their role grow more significant. I spotted two key players introduced so far and there are also new and excitingly revamped villains straight from the get go.

Lois’ father, Sam Lane went missing in the first series and we find out just how sinister things turned for him. In their search to find him, Lois and Clark find that he’s not the only one to go missing and Lois has a hunch which leads them to Stryker’s Island to investigate. Whilst they think they have the upper hand Waller wastes no time putting them in their place to showcase her brutality after they uncovered her secret.

The animation remains pretty much exactly the same and I am very happy about that – I loved it last series and my love for it continues. It’s incredibly fun and has some really detailed moments within it. As usual the character designs are excellent, specifically Atomic Skull, what I love is that they are still easily recognisable but with some unique upgrades. Whilst there is a lot that happens in these first two episodes of ‘My Adventures With Superman’ series two, it teases an even bigger threat than Amanda Waller and her newly upgraded Task Force and alliances and I am very exited to see where we go from here.

'My Adventures With Superman'

This series really masters the art of inciting emotion mixed with plenty of humour, action and fun along with it. The humour is great as always, I really love the dynamic between Lois, Clark and Jimmy now that they are all in on his secret. It isn’t something we are used to seeing when it comes to Superman content and this series really feels like Superman isn’t the only hero here, they are a team. I do wonder though if the series is introducing too much to soon, I would happily have a new character per series and it almost seems a little early to be introducing Supergirl at this point. But with tat said, I am still loving every second of this show so far and I’m sure this team will nail everything they tackle.

Whether you are a fan of Superman or not, if you like animated series’ or grew up doing those good old classic Pokemon days, you will love this series. It has everything and the first two episodes perfectly showcase everything there is to love about ‘My Adventures With Superman’.

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