REVIEW: Superman & Lois S1 Ep 4: Haywire

Superman & Lois S1 Ep 4 is another fantastic episode addition to a series that I am thoroughly enjoying! It’s safe to say that I am fully invested in this show, and we’re not even at the halfway point yet.

Haywire” really hones in on Superman and his priorities when it comes to his duty as Superman and also his duty as a father and husband. Despite all the things he and Lois are juggling, it’s great to see the pair and especially him support their family in the simplistic ways.

The same also goes for General Sam Lane, as Lois makes a point of his absence as a father to her in this episode. I really loved that moment, my own father isn’t as present sometimes as I’d like him to be, so I really resonated with that. General Lane also argues with Superman as to where his priorities lie and whether his current order of priorities is correct. Though he has a point, Superman is very much leaning more towards his family in Smallville at the moment and the villains surrounding Metropolis are starting to notice.

Superman and Lois S1 Ep 4 Review | The Aspiring Kryptonian
Photo Credit: The CW

What I love about this whole dynamic and story-line is that this is a genuine dilemma that Superman would really have to deal with and face when it comes to introducing children, a relationship and a family dynamic. It’s great to see that explored in this series as it’s something not often thought about outside of comics.

Not only this but we saw an introduction of a brand new villain and he is instantly sinister and felt very threatening. How many villains does Superman have to deal with in this series?! Though this episode went a long way to play out the Morgan Edge story-line, it does feel like there’s a little bit too much going on when it comes to villains. We still haven’t fully explored who this woman is with Morgan Edge, or what went on with Captain Luthor, so it seems a weird time to throw another villain into the mix. I mean it’s great to see them all, but I feel we really need to tie up a few loose ends first.

Superman & Lois S1 Ep 4 Review | The Aspiring Kryptonian
Photo Credit: The CW

There was an aspect of this episode that really reminded me of Smallville, the series from 00’s, and that is due to the fact that The Kent’s aren’t the only super-powered folks in town. I really liked that, not only does it add a bit more drama for the boys, but it feels like a really nice homage to a much loved series. I also adore the other nods to the Superman history and Mythos, it’s fantastic and shows real attention to detail, for example: Shuster Mines.

The portrayals of the characters in this series continue to be spot on and comic book accurate for me. Once again both Bitsie Tulloch and Tyler Hoechlin are stellar in their roles as Lois Lane and Superman, but it’s General Lane that really takes a turn in this episode. When we were first introduced to him, he was completely different to the character we saw and know in comics, he was kinder and he was more supportive of Superman which I really loved to see as it was just so different to what we were used to! That is now changing, and though it is a shame, I think it’s a great way to really show the development and reasoning behind his reactions and personality.

Another portrayal we are getting to see more of in Superman & Lois S1 Ep 4 is Morgan Edge, and I think Adam Rayner is excellent in the role. He is calculated, manipulative and he is really digging his nails into Smallville and the lives and relationships of those that reside there. Though a majority of Smallville see him in a completely different light, we know that he is up to something very sinister and I’m excited to see how that pans out.

Superman & Lois S1 Ep 4 Review | The Aspiring Kryptonian
Photo Credit: The CW

The tone of the series continues to be real and gritty, and I feel that this particular series really benefits from that. Not only does it make it more relatable and feel more realistic, but it really adds a cinematic feel to the series as a whole and once again the effects in this series are phenomenal and are of Hollywood scale in my opinion.

Superman & Lois S1 Ep 4 continues to impress as we explore Superman and his family dynamic. I love how this show showcases him juggling priorities to do right, and we see a side to Superman that hasn’t really been explored outside of comics. I am very eager to see the remainder of this series, and I hope this is one of many.

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