REVIEW – Krypton S1-E6: Civil War

Oh my, Krypton S1 E6 was a fantastic episode! The series has quickly grown to be one of my favourite DC TV Shows. This weeks episode was full of action, heart and huge, yet significant changes.

This episode focuses on an unusual team up to stop Brainiac along with the take-down and build up against Rao. General Zod – yes Superman’s arch enemy – joins Seg and Lyta on a journey to find a weapon to help them with their battle against Brainiac. During the search, General Zod lets slip about the future of Krypton, something that Adam Strange tried to hide. This causes them to turn on him, and in turn he turns on them. This is a tricky subject, of course Strange wants to save Superman, but with the knowledge of Krypton’s future Seg sides with Zod as he wants to protect his world. This is part of a huge twist in the series, as we always thought the villain that was coming to alter the timeline was Brainiac, when in fact it was Zod, as he, yet again attempts to save Krypton.

Krypton Episode 6 - Seg-El, Zod, Superman

The characters of Krypton are so diverse and complicated. Dev Em has drastically changed from when we first saw him in Krypton. He has always been loyal to Lyta and now we know why, it will be interesting to see what he thinks of her recent adventures. But overall we have seen huge character development from him, he started off as a lifeless and robotic character, and now he’s slowly becoming one of my favourites. He’s showing heart and rebellion and I’m excited to see what his character will become and do.

Krypton Episode 6 - Lyta Zod and Dev Em

Then we have Rao, although we know that he has been taken over by Brainiac, it’s a shame that we haven’t got to see or know more of him. He’s always been a mysterious character within Krypton so far, with a few scenes that make you wonder and ask yourself what he’s up to. But now I guess we will never find out, as he is no longer himself.

Krypton Episode 6 - Rao and Onya

There is some great Kryptonian history lessons in this episode of Krypton. It explains how and why Krypton met its downfall and destruction. I don’t think we have ever heard that explanation on the big screen before, and turns out it’s all down to Brainiac. We also see a bit more about their execution and trial processes.

In this episode, we do get to see the weapon, and when you do, you really understand why people were so scared of it. It’s the monster that sealed Superman’s fate –  that’s right – DOOMSDAY! It’s great to see THREE of Superman’s arch enemies in the series, but it is almost like they are throwing it in because its what we want to see. In the end of the episode they decide against using him to help them, so it seems that half of the episode was for nothing.

Krypton Episode 6 - Doomsday

We also see a bit more of Brainiac’s destruction and capability as the rebel team formed of Zod’s, Em’s and Vex’s attempt Rao’s assassination. A lot of programmes you can predict aspects of what’s going to happen, but with Krypton I really can’t. Everything I have guessed so far has been incorrect and that’s part of what I love about it.

Overall, I think this is the best episode of Krypton we have seen to date. I’m sure it will get better too! But with only four episodes left, I WANT MORE BRAINIAC PLEASE! Stop focusing on Zod – we have seen him represented on TV before. Just give me Brainiac! They have portrayed him so well in the series so far.

Can’t wait another week? Check out the preview for episode 7 of Krypton below;

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