REVIEW – Krypton S1-E8: Savage Night

Krypton S1 E8 has been the best yet, The story, the characters, the new plots and twists and visually too!

Seg and the rest of the team attempt to join forces with terrorist group Black Zero to take down Brainac once and for all. Whilst they succeed in obtaining their help, Nyssa has an important decision to make to allow it to happen. Whilst the rebels take action on Brainiac, he is one step ahead forcing them to think on their feet. As the battle comes to an end Seg and the team start to celebrate – but is it too early?

 krypton episode 8 Brainiac

There is a particular scene (I won’t say what happens for those that haven’t seen it), but it really reminds me of Star Wars. Put it this way a character ‘dies’ and falls off a ledge, very much like the scene where Darth Maul kills Qui-Gon in The Phantom Menace. I instantly thought of that. But I must say the hi-tech design in the scene (The Genesis chamber) is visually stunning.

We see another shift of character in this episode of Krypton, as trust and loyalty is proven. There are awkward dynamics between Lyta, Seg and Nyssa yet again, as Lyta has suspicions of Nyssa and Seg’s relationship and refuses to trust her. Nyssa has a lot to prove to the rest of the team and I really think she redeems herself in this episode. As well as a shift in previous characters, we also see the introduction of a new ones, Jax-Ur played by Hannah Waddingham and boy is she bad-ass. She comes across bat-s**t crazy, but she is a ‘terrorist’ after all and I cannot wait to see more of her. We also see the introduction of Sardath and Alanna, in the comics Alanna is Adam’s wife and Sardath her father. But in this episode the dynamic between them is complicated, and I’m guessing that hasn’t happened yet.

Krypton Episode 8 Zod and Jax Ur

This episode in particular has a lot of themes; anger, hate, but most of all grief as one of the key characters (I thought) is sacrificed in an attempt to take down the rebels. This scene is really enhanced by the music, the score is beautiful and really brings out the emotions of the group.

There are a lot of classic Superman references, which I absolutely love. Things like the story of how Zod ended up in the Phantom Zone, mention of Jor-El, the genesis chamber and also the Zeta Beam. And can I just commend the writers and costume designers of Krypton, every week they have smashed it and it’s getting better and better each week! The female representation in this series is incredible, and it is so good to see, every woman in the series is strong, independent and bad-ass! I love the Kryptonian women!

Krypton Episode 8 Jayna Zod

This episode leaves you asking a LOT of questions, here are mine and what I think;

  • There is a scene where General Zod puts some of his own blood on his forehead before he speaks to Jax-Ur. Why? What does this symbolise? To me, it is conveniently placed in the same area where Brainiac’s technology attaches itself to its victims, but what is he showing her?
  • After an explosion Adam Strange meets an unusual and unfamiliar girl. Her characteristics and movement is robotic, but who could she be? My guesses are Power Girl, Arisia Rrab from the Green Lantern Corps or Aleea Strange, Adam’s daughter. I’m guessing Power Girl and Arisia Rrab, as we already know that the Green Lantern Corps and other Superheroes exist in this timeline, also the blonde hair and tight white clothing was a bit of a giveaway. But it could also be Aleea Strange, we already have time travel thrown into the mix, so it is a possibility, and it would explain his confused reaction. Could he have jumped into the future with the Zeta Beam?

Krypton Episode 8

Can’t wait for next week? Check out the trailer to episode 9 here.

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  1. I’ve been pleasantly suprised by Krypton. Initially it seemed like a bad idea. Why supermans granfather? Why not the story of jorels life? Hell theres an amazing book called the last days of krypton. That could be adapted into a great show. But still the show has proven me wrong. The characters are interesting, they all have proper dimensions and motivations. Theyre doing something a bit weird with Adam Strange, playing him off as a bit selfish and one minded, only caring about saving superman, not caring about the real people of krypton. The hint of Sardaath and Alanna made me so happy, im hoping this show will be a secret adam strange series, slowly building up Adams character so he becomes the hero of Raan and he and Alanna marry. And the best part of this show? Braniac!! He’s both cold and robotic but also cruel and vindictive. The idea of him possesing others bodies was amazing and his playing with kryptons faith in Rao? Amazing. Im very eager to see how this all plays out.

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